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IVR System

ivr system can normally handle and service high volume of phone calls. With an interactive voice response system, business can reduce costs and improve customer experience as interactive voice response system allow callers to get information they need 24 hours a day without the need of costly human agent. An IVR system is to allow customer to serve themselves by automating the calling process. The technology uses either touch tone or speech recognisation technology to answer customer question, handle their request in the right direction. An IVR system is an automated phone system that greets and directs callers based on caller's response. While system like these were once only used by large companies that received massive amount of calls on a daily basis, small business are now jumping on board and seeing just as many benefits.

There are two type of IVR system: Inbound and outbound. In bound IVR system are used to automate the calling answering process. The most common use for inbound IVRs is call routing, according to hunter.

With an IVR system any one can set up survey polls, appointment remainders, payments and more for inbound & out bound use. Customer interacts using a simple key press. We can even set it up for you. IVR system allows you to connect with your customer like never before.

Telecom hosting service will provides you deteriorating IVR solution and, in the process, increases customer satisfaction, reduces cost and improves your ROI. We are deducting to provide complete, relevant and easy-to-use IVR solution to our customer. Contact us today to discuss cost effective ways to improve your IVR system.