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Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response is a telephone technology that allows customers to interact with the company's host system through configurable voice menus in real time by using DTMF tones.

All Interactive Voice Response systems are capable of playing audio & collecting digits from the caller. Replacing the touch-tone interface with a voice interface requires additional software & significantly increases the expense of the platform.

Interactive Voice Response systems can be used as a Voice portal to access remote information such as bus scheduling where the caller can select the route for which they require information, or for billing or customer service systems which allow the caller to enter information such as their A/C number or credit card details without the need for operator assistance.

Interactive Voice Response applications are typically associated with inbound calling programs. However, IVR technology can be applied to outbound calling campaigns and are most commonly used with Voice Broadcasting and touchtone responses. Examples of the application of this technology include the option to speak with an operator, out of a calling campaign, or taking an outbound survey.

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