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Voice Response System

Voice response system (VRS) is specialized technologies designed for providing callers with verbal and faxed answers to inquiries without assistance from a person. VRS provide account information, fulfill requests for mail able items, prescreen callers for script customization, interact with host systems (read and write) and produce reports. Voice response system is a convenient way to collect information.

VRS system can make use of their voice to active and operate software application. This system have advantages of making callers and customer feel like they are being attended to, even if it's just by a machine. Another advantage is that VRS don't sleep. They don't take lunch break. VRS can be available 24 hours a day to field questions and help customers with simple tasks. VRS system can make a small company look bigger. By using a hosted VRS service to answer your phones, you already appear like a larger organization.

Another use of voice response system is keep record of your company or your work etc. Many people interact with voice response system every day. Most of the time someone dials a bank or a catalog company and the first thing he hear is an electronic voice, this is accessing type of system. Based on what the caller says, the request is transmitted by the central computer into specific actions. The goal of most IVR system is to allow customer to serve themselves by automating the calling process. The technology use either touch-tone or speech reorganization technology to answer customer question, handle their request or point them in the right direction.

Benefit from IVRS using system:-

  • Increase customer service efficiency
  • Increase first contact resolution
  • Increase agent and company efficiency
  • Reduce operational cost
  • Increase professionalism
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Web assistance

    So, these are the general benefits of having IVRs or VRS in your office.

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