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IVR Development

Telecom hosting service is an industry leader in IVR development. Whether your IVR application is simple or complex, our expertise staff of IVR developer can analyze your phone application and develop a customize calling program that meets your objective using the latest IVR best practice techniques. An IVR design by our professional programming staff will process inbound call according to your business rule.

caller to use voice and touch tone inputs to obtain access to information. IVR application is program that control & respond to calls on the platform.

IVR development is a fully automated service that run according to customize pattern and requirement. It helps to integrate and automate your whole supply chain and provide information to your customer 24/7. IVRs entirely automated and user friendly device, which used by layman without no technical experience.

IVRs find its application across the industries in many ways. The cross industries application IVRsare: IVRS telephonic alerts, Auto receptionist, Customer care automation, IVRS surveys, IVRS inventory control, IVRS campaigning, IVRS reservation, IVRS status information, IVRS remainder system, message and recording service, Marketing research survey, customer satisfaction survey, Lead generation and capture, Voice mail processing etc.

The task which assigned to an IVR development team during the creation of IVR program:-

  • IVR design processing
  • IVR voice recording generation
  • Text to speech generation
  • Voice XML interface with external data
  • Develop IVR test script
  • Identify beta test group
  • Assemble quality control team
  • Any many more

    Telecom hosting service will upgrade your deteriorating IVR solution and, in the process, increase customer satisfaction, reduce cost and improve your ROI. We are deducting to provide complete, relevant and easy-to-use IVR solution to our customer. Contact us today to discuss cost effective ways to improve your IVR Development and IVR management.