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IVR Service

IVR service system reduces your cost per call by letting customer choose the type of help they want. With an IVR any one can set surveys, polls, appointment remainders, payment and more for inbound or outbound uses. Customer interact simple using key press.

We provide market leading Interactive voice response software toolkit with fully array of IVR support, IVR application and professional service designed to accelerate your time to market and help you provide superior customer service to your customer.

IVR service providing is our business-it is all we do and we do it well. We strive to deliver value to our customer through the development of leading edge IVR application, IVR technology and IVR service.

Our team includes some of the best IVR development consultants, technical support experts, IVR engineers, IVR developers and account manager in the industry. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent service and going the extra mile for our customer. We have helped thousand of customer develop and integrate IVR application directly. From the experience, we have developed deep IVR system expertise that we leverage on daily basis. In addition to being IVR solution experts, we bring IT, telecommunications and telephony expertise to the table.

Telecom hosting service allows you to:-

  • Manage your IVR application development time and optimize you developer's productivity with our IVR tanning and IVR application review services.
  • Maximize customer satisfaction with voice recognisation and IVR turning services.
  • Optimize your developer's productivity with IVR service.
  • Eliminating the need for costly infrastructure with IVR hosting.

    By automating the call process, IVR Service allow customer to serve themselves easily. Large and small businesses have adopted IVR technology because it saves money that would otherwise be spent on living, expensive employees. Telecom hosting service provides an extremely smart and flexible solution to access information and performs important tasks using the phone keypad.