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Cloud IVR

Cloud IVR is the technology that allows a computer to detect voice & DTMF tones input by keypad. IVR service in an automated form that enable your callers to inquire information about your about product/service, offer/discount, placing order and giving feedback by entering data into database. Our cloud IVR allows you to automate the wider variety of inbound and out bound calls. Telecom hosting service cloud IVR provide the next generation in self service to your customer. We are leading cloud telephony provider all over the world. We give best quality over the service.

Cloud IVR include:-

  • Easier call routing
  • Integration with voice mail, finds me, and click to call features
  • Ease of of programming through a graphical user interface
  • Recording that can be easily stored and attached as WAV files.
  • Call recording
  • Internal Call transfer
  • Multi access line
  • Lead management
  • Voice mails
  • Multi User login & Roll based access
  • Text-to-speech

    It is not about technology it's about solving your business needs. We help our clients to achieve greater top line revenue improve customer satisfaction, increase company productivity and reduced operating cost.